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Notes on retirement

1. Suggested Timeline

1.1. Email Response

When you are considering retirement there are a few steps to complete:

  1. Contact the Ontario Teacher Pension Plan and complete the required paperwork
    1. https://www.otpp.com/
    2. Phone: (416) 226-2700
      Toll free: 1 (800) 668-0105
  2. Research and organize the Health and Dental Plan you will use in retirement.
  3. Review with your Financial Advisor  discuss not only the general finances in retirement but also how your retirement gratuity will be handled (i.e. transferred into an RRSP)
  4. Complete a Retirement Letter to the Board.
    1. You should give at least 4 weeks notice if possible (to ensure can flow right from your regular payments to your pension)
    2. Your letter will be sent to Michael Gray,  Superintendent of Human Resources michael.gray@ycdsb.ca
      1. Once the board gets notice from the Pension Plan then the Board will process the retirement
      2. The board will ask how you wish to process the gratuity
      3. If any summer pay is due to you a true-up payment will be organized.

Attached is a sample retirement letter that you could use.