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1. Compassionate Care

1.1. Summary

There are a few days in the CA that allow you to access compassionate leave ...it is only 3 paid days (Only)...to access it you would need a medical note from one of your ill family member's doctors, listing their exact illness and you are the primary caregiver right now.   Email this to the Superintendent of HR - Michael Gray - michael.gray@ycdsb.ca for this request
You could access a few days using 9.06a (2 Days) (Caring for an ill family member), MOU Days (either 3 or 4) - (Caring for an Ill family member and finally 9.06 - Personal Days (either 1 or 2)
I can't see into your balances, so you would need to go check them.  You apply using the Tch12a - Special Leave Form (https://www.yctoecta.com/usercontent/Resources/Board%20Reports//TCH12A_Form_2018-19.pdf)
For Longer Leaves
You would need to access the Compassionate Care/Family Caregiver leave offers through the government of Canada (more info here https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/caregiving.html).  If you are approved for the leave you must notify the board.
The Collective Agreement also references ONLY Family Medical Leave or Critical Illness Leave.  See below
15.1 Family Medical Leave or Critical Illness Leave
15.1.1 Family Medical Leave or Critical Illness Leave granted to a teacher
under this Article shall be in accordance with the provisions of the
Employment Standards Act, as amended.

15.1.2 The teacher will provide to the employer such evidence as necessary
to prove entitlement under the ESA.

15.1.3 A teacher contemplating taking such leave(s) shall notify the
employer of the intended date the leave is to begin and the
anticipated date of return to active employment.

15.1.4 Seniority and experience continue to accrue during such leave(s).

15.1.5 Where a teacher is on such leave(s), the Employer shall continue to
pay its share of the benefit premiums, where applicable. To
maintain participation and coverage under the Collective Agreement,
the teacher must agree to provide for payment for the teacher’s
share of the benefit premiums, where applicable.

15.1.6 In order to receive pay for such leaves, a teacher must access
Employment Insurance and the Supplemental Employment Benefit
(SEB) in accordance with 15.1.7 to 15.1.10, if allowable by
legislation. An employee who is eligible for E.I. is not entitled to
benefits under a school board’s sick leave and short term leave and
disability plan.

Supplemental Employment Benefits (SEB)
15.1.7 The Employer shall provide for permanent teachers who access such
leaves, a SEB plan to top up their E.I. Benefits. The permanent
teacher who is eligible for such leave shall receive 100% salary for a
period not to exceed eight (8) weeks provided the period falls within
the school year and during a period for which the permanent teacher
would normally be paid. The SEB Plan pay will be the difference 
between the gross amount the teacher receives from E.I. and their
regular gross pay.

15.1.8 Long Term Occasional Teachers with an assignment of at least
ninety-seven (97) school days in length shall also be eligible for the
SEB plan with the length of the benefit limited by the term of the

15.1.9 SEB payments are available only to supplement E.I. benefits during
the absence period as specified in this plan.
15.1.10 The teacher must provide the Board with proof that he/she has
applied for and is in receipt of employment insurance benefits in
accordance with the Employment Insurance Act, as amended, before
SEB is payable.
Here are the eligible plans (according to the GC website):

The 3 types of caregiving benefits


The three types of caregiving benefits
Benefit name Maximum weeks payable Who you are providing care to 
Family caregiver benefit for children up to 35 weeks A critically ill or injured person under 18
Family caregiver benefit for adults up to 15 weeks A critically ill or injured person 18 or over
Compassionate care benefits up to 26 weeks A person of any age who requires end-of-life care
  To apply you need to contact the government directly 1-800 OCANADA or  https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/caregiving/apply.html 
Email the Superintendent of HR - michael.gray@ycdsb.ca once you have this submitted to get the top-up in place (they will need confirmation that you are approved).


1.2. Sick Leave Response

To access a Sick Leave have your doctor complete the attached Medical certificate.
The Board has initiated a Sick Leave submission form found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesZrocV4EtDr7O8HWdgiSMIBsg1lKifEwhO-wP0IeBi34Srw/viewform
(The Board memo explaining their form is found here)
For any communications after the initial submissions:

If you wish to include a Release Officer please cc them on any direct correspondence to/from the board (outside of medical note submissions).
Your direct contacts at the Board are as follows:
amanda.harrison@ycdsb.ca - if  Elementary 
annie.robinson@ycdsb.ca - if Secondary

When you send your forms into them make sure to put in the Subject line one of the following:
your first name last name - OECTA - Updating Medical
your first name last name - OECTA - Return to work

If there is a fee to complete the form (now and in future) the board will pay up to $45 and the receipt goes to annie.robinson@ycdsb.ca

Please make sure you enter sick days in SFE until you hear back from the Wellness Department.  Please enter them in 5-day blocks.

Make sure you provide 3 days of lesson plans, and that your marking and evaluations are all up to date and entered (or can be passed on to the Admin/LTO for entry).  You need to provide all comments and anecdotals. Provide your short and long-term plans.

How Sick leave works:

  • the first 11 days are paid @ 100% of salary
  • on the 12th day, you automatically start the Short Term Disability (STDLP) Leave Plan - 120 days paid @ 90% of salary
  • if you have any top-up days (check myPortal) they are automatically applied to top up your 90% days to 100% days

Timeline for Sick Days

If you were off the first day of work for the 2020-2021 school year then your sick days will run out on March 31, 2021

What happens to my pension and benefits on leave?

No change

What happens after using up all Sick Days and I am still sick?

Well prior to the expiration of sick days you need to contact the Unit Office and request a Long Term Disability (LTD) package.  The process requires you to fill out several applications and to have your medical team send supporting medical files to the insurer, OTIP.  This process can be lengthy and can take approximately 15 weeks.  Please ensure you leave enough time to meet the timelines.


Please note: MyPortal sick day usage totals will not be accurate while you are on medical leave.  In order to avoid any disruption to pay cycles for members on leave, the Board's payroll system will reflect that the entire sick day allocation of 120 days paid at 90% has been used.  If a member is medically cleared to return to work before all sick days are utilized, the payroll system will automatically replace all unused days.