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1.1. Job Share information

York Catholic District School Board 


York Unit OECTA 


Job Sharing – Definition 

Job sharing is a voluntary situation which involves the deliberate conversion of one full time position to a position which is shared by two people; and is dependent upon the existence of a qualified and willing partner to share the position. Part time work is not the same as job sharing. 

Why Job Share? 

Some of the reasons why people choose to leave full time employment for a specified period of time are the following: 

How to Apply? 

Please refer to the attached job sharing timelines 2021-2022 for key dates. All expressions of interest will be made via our online recruitment tool, Apply to Education. 

Job Sharing Terms and Conditions 

As per Appendix C of the collective agreement, the Unit agrees with the YCDSB to institute Job Sharing. Job Sharing will be subject to the terms and conditions outlined below: 

Number of Positions and Distribution 

  1. A maximum of twenty (20) full time positions shall be designated as job sharing positions where possible. 
  2. The positions shall be distributed in the following manner where possible: 
  3. a minimum of three (3) positions shall be designated as elementary school positions (FDK - Grade 8). 
  4. a minimum of three (3) positions shall be designated as secondary school positions (Grade 9 - Grade 12). 
  5. a minimum of three (3) positions shall be designated as specialized program staff (core resource, library, ESL, PACE, etc.*) positions. 

*designations to be determined 


  1. No school shall receive more than two (2 ) job share pairings, unless the maximum number of overall pairings has not been reached. 
  2. Remaining positions will be distributed in consultation with OECTA in accordance with the job share procedures. 

Access to Job Sharing Positions 

Access to job sharing positions shall be according to the following procedure: 

  1. Job sharing will be restricted to permanent teachers. The senior job sharer applicant must hold a full time assignment at the time of application. The job share applicants forfeit their right to transfer during the job share arrangement once confirmed. 
  2. In order to determine which positions are to be subject to job sharing, applications indicating a job shared type sought will be mutually agreed upon and according to the limits and procedures set out in Articles 1-3 above. This procedure establishes the twenty (20) positions to be job shared and the twenty (20) senior job sharers. 
  3. The Board shall post twenty (20) positions available for job sharing via the Board recruitment system, Apply to Education, inviting applications to share those particular positions according to the workload requested by the senior job sharer and mutually agreed to by the Board. 
  4. Applications for designated job sharing positions shall be considered on the basis of reverse seniority (juniority) position level available and qualifications to fulfill the positions. Applications will also be considered on the basis of school population to ensure an equitable distribution of positions across the Board.The Association President or designate and the Board will agree in a formal meeting as to the job sharing pairs. 


  1. A job shared position shall have a duration of one (1) contract year with an option for extension for a second contract year if the parties to the job sharing position and the Board mutually agree. The Board is to be notified in writing of such extension requests by the specified yearly deadline for review. 
  2. A job sharing assignment beyond two (2) years may be extended with the sole approval of the Board. 

Job Share Commitment 

Once a teacher's application for job share is approved, s/he may not rescind under any circumstances unless mutually agreed to and approved by the Board. 


A regular job sharing assignment shall be a 50/50 assignment; however, any arrangement that does not exceed 66 two thirds /33 one-third in the secondary panel and 40/60 in the elementary panel is acceptable. 


Return from Job Sharing 

Upon expiration of the job sharing assignment, the senior job sharer shall retain the position on a full time basis. The junior job sharer shall return to their school of origin as per the staffing guidelines. 

The junior job sharer shall not have the right to return to the school from which the job sharing leave commences if the job sharing exceeds for more than two (2) years regardless of whether a new job share position is assigned. Instead the junior job sharer will attend excess placement day or participate in the transfer process. 

Junior job sharers who hold a centrally assigned position shall return to the program not the location. A position will be selected during the appropriate Placement Day. 


Refer to Job Sharing Timelines 2021-2022 attached. 

Teachers Cumulative Sick Leave Plan: 

A participant will be granted 11 X 3/4 days at the start of the school year in question and 120 STLDP days prorated at three quarters. Each participant will draw upon the days at the rate of one day for one day. 

Recognition of Years of Experience: 

  1. One year position sharing: Each participant will be granted one (1) year's experience as if they had worked the entire ten (10) month period in each year on a full time basis. 
  2. Two or Three Year Position Sharing:
  3. Each participant will be granted one (1 ) year’s experience as if they had worked the entire ten ( 10) month period in each year on a full time basis. 
  4. Each participant, at the end of job sharing, will have a short year (5 months) should the participant work partial years in subsequent years. 


Under the OECTA Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) , all job share participants are responsible for a prorated share of the cost of benefits, including major medical, dental and life insurance and shall be in accordance with Part A- Central Terms Article 7. 

Salary Payments 

Salary will be paid as per the percentage worked (i.e. 50%, 60% etc.) according to Article V1 of the York Catholic District School Board/OECTA York Unit 2019-2022 collective agreement. 

Teachers’ Pension Plan 

The Teachers’ Pension Plan does not currently recognize the time off during a job sharing arrangement as a “leave of absence”. The time spent not working can therefore not be purchased as a credit, once the job sharing arrangement is over. 


Teacher’s Performance Appraisal 

A teacher involved in a job sharing arrangement continues to be subject to a performance appraisal if this is a scheduled evaluation year. Procedures for staff evaluation must be carefully coordinated prior to the start of job sharing with the senior job sharer’s principal. 


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